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      Jia Cui (China) Environmental Promotive Center (hereinafter referred to as "JCEP") is a NGO with its focus on promoting the urban and community sustainable development and the ecological living environment construction in China. JCEP is also UNEP¡¯s strategic partner in China, the executing organization of the ¡®Sustainable Urban Development and Liveable Garden Community - China Programme¡¯ in China, member of the United Nations Global Compact, and observer of the United Nations Climate Change Conference. JCEP, with its registered headquarter in Hong Kong and secretariats in Beijing , covers over 70 major cities in China by alliance networks.

      Since its establishment, JCEP has been maintaining ¡°Habitat, Environment and Development¡± as its theme and has been focusing on two major fields - city and community, and comprehensively promoting the green economic transformation and international communication and cooperation of Chinese cities and communities.

Our vigorous and enthusiastic team     

      Green Awards 
      The International Awards for Liveable Communities (¡°The LivCom Awards¡±), honored as the ¡°Green Oscar¡±, were introduced into China by JCEP in 2001. This LivCom Awards, endorsed by UNEP, have been promoting the Best Practices regarding the management of local environment and green lifestyle. Over the past ten years, nearly 60 million people from over 200 communities in 21 cities of China have benefited from the Awards through participation.

      Green Exhibitions 
      The International Housing Industry Exhibition (IHIE) brand, established in 2001, has been maintaining "Habitat, Environment, Public Welfare" as its theme, and vigorously advocated housing industrialization, green community construction, and Corporation Social Responsibility. Over the past decade, IHIE has become a green habitat exhibition brand with the largest number of host cities, the largest total exhibition extent, the largest total amount of visitors, and the most far-reaching impact.

      Sustainable Cities and Communities Forum 
      Founded in 2000, it is a professional forum platform with its theme as "Green Habitat". Over the past ten years, it has been held in succession in and out of China, including a dozen Chinese cities like Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Dalian, Qingdao, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Urumqi, Macao, etc. and several countries like Malaysia, Philippines, New Zealand, Britain, Denmark and Kenya, and has become the important platform promoting ¡°Green Habitat.¡± And The Global Chinese Real Estate Conference held in 2007 has even become its professional branch forum.

      Green Promotion
      Since 1999, there have been nearly 30 issues of non-profit publications themed with "Green Habitat" being published, and more than 100,000 copies being distributed free of charge at an accumulated base; in 2004, the establishment of "China Real Estate Mainstream Media Alliance" was launched with its focus on building a "Green Habitat "communication platform, and till the year 2009, the allied media have covered more than 70 major cities in China, and become one of the most influential media alliance in China.  

      Green Communication and Visits 
      Since 2001 and over nearly one decade, more than 400 Chinese real estate enterprises and dozens of Chinese cities (at an accumulated base) have been organized to participate in various international conferences, visits and communication activities including BATIMAT, the U.S. Green Building Conference, New Zealand International Ecological Forum, Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, and European low-carbon communities study tour; UN officials, foreign government officials, world-renowned experts and scholars have also been invited to attend nearly 20 visits and communication activities in China.

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