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Jia Cui (China) worked throughout the whole planning process....


Jia Cui (China) worked throughout the whole planning process, and LivCom Award-winning city Jiangyin held "Top Ten" Awards Ceremony
 ----- Mr. Wang Shi from Vanke Group and Alan Smith congratulated the event, and Dr. William Neil Brown addressed the ceremony

On March 22nd, "Yushan Cup¡± ¡°The Top Ten Landmark Buildings of Jiangyin¡± Awards Ceremony was held in Jiangyin International Convention and Exhibition Center, this is the first activity with the goal of setting urban construction models among LivCom award-winning cities in China, which was highly regarded by the LivCom International Organizing Committee and the China Organizing Committee. United Nations Environment Programme Commissioner, Secretary-general of the LivCom Awards, Mr. Alan Smith sent his congratulation video from London to Jiangyin; LivCom Global Advisors Dr. Brown William commissioned by the International Organizing Committee made a special trip to Jiangyin from the United States to give a speech; Secretary-General of China Organizing Committee, Mr. Li Xiang also attended the event from Beijing to congratulate the ceremony.

Meanwhile, the world's first LivCom Personal Award winner, Mr. Wang Shi, Chairman of Vanke Group also sent warm congratulations by video to LivCom Award-winning city Jiangyin.

Jiangyin won the LivCom Awards in 2008, Mr. Alan Smith and Mr. Wang Shi both recalled how Jiangyin participated in the Awards, and they both gave high appreciation and support to the city of Jiangyin for hosting the selection of ¡°The Top Ten Landmark Buildings¡±.

Mr. Alan Smith said in the video that, the LivCom Award-winning city Jiangyin organizing the selection of ¡°The Top Ten Landmark Buildings¡± would be a memorable historic event, Jiangyin's selected top ten landmark buildings could not only describe the city's history and tradition, reshape the city's image, but also was part of Jiangyin¡¯s winning the LivCom Awards. In his view, Jiangyin has begun to step into the world as a major new city of China.
On behalf of the LivCom International Organizing Committee, Dr. Brown William was invited to "Quality City Forum" which was specially organized for the awards ceremony to give his speech, in his speech he introduced how the foreign cities were enhancing the quality of their cities then he said that, during the selecting process of the top ten landmark buildings has itself become a manifestation of the quality of a city, the quality of the citizens, but also reflected the selection of cultural quality of Jiangyin, the pursuit of culture and the deep exploitation of urban spirit! The selection of the top ten landmark buildings in Jiangyin would become a weathervane in Jiangyin's quality of urban development.

Commissioned by the China Organizing Committee of the LivCom Awards, Mr. Wang Shi paid his tributes to the top ten landmarks in Jiangyin by video congratulations, because he believes that Jiangyin is a city worthy of his appreciation. Wang pointed out in the video message, as a LivCom award-winning city, Jiangyin's economic and living environmental development achievements made a great marvel, in his view, hosting the top ten landmarks selection would be a great encouragement to real estate developers, and it would improve the quality of the real estate projects.

Mayor of Jiangyin city, Mr. Wang Xinan, First Deputy mayor Gao Pei also attended the event and addressed the ceremony, and they thanked LivCom China organizing committee Secretary-General Li Xiang after the ceremony. Asia-Pacific Office of the UN-HABITAT, the World Tourism Organization and so on also sent a congratulatory letter and expressed support to this event.

Through this event, we have reason to believe that: "Happiness Jiangyin, Quality City" which is not only the future development path of the LivCom Award-winning city Jiangyin, but also the motivation of transformation, further more is what Jiangyin's people are pursuing.


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