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Green measures will not lead to 'astronomical' energy bills: analysis(www.guardian.co.uk) 2011-12-23
Largest carbon capture plant in UK opens in Yorkshire(www.guardian.co.uk) 2011-12-23
New Phase for UNEP's Climate Neutral Network (UNEP) 2011-12-21
French Alpine glaciers in retreat(www.bbc.co.uk) 2011-12-21
Back to an electric future for cars(www.latimes.com) 2011-12-20
In Glare of Climate Talks, Taking On Too Great a Task(www.nytimes.com) 2011-12-20
EU high court to rule on airline pollution charges(www.latimes.com) 2011-12-19
MEPs to take step towards supporting carbon price(www.guardian.co.uk) 2011-12-19
Power plant rules unveiled: Higher bills, cleaner air(MSNBC) 2011-12-18
New Codes Aim to Cut Energy Use(www.nytimes.com) 2011-12-16
Brazil's 'Green City' a model for rest of Amazon(worldnews.msnbc.msn.com) 2011-12-16
Pacific micro-state switches entirely to renewable energy(www.guardian.co.uk) 2011-12-14
MPs demand clarity on carbon capture funding(www.guardian.co.uk) 2011-12-12
Canada condemned at home and abroad for pulling out of Kyoto treaty(www.guardian.co.uk) 2011-12-11
Low-carbon technology 'will not mean big bill rises'(BBC) 2011-12-6
Pollutionwatch: London's wintertime smog has arrived(www.guardian.co.uk) 2011-12-6
Carbon dioxide emissions show record jump(www.guardian.co.uk) 2011-12-3
Planting Wind Energy on Farms May Help Crops, Say Researchers(news.nationalgeographic.com) 2011-12-3
UK carbon capture power station plans suffer further setbacks(www.guardian.co.uk) 2011-11-28
White roofs are not a global warming silver bullet, study finds 2011-11-28
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