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Winners of the 15th ¡°Green Oscar¡± Finals were announced


Winners of the 15th ¡°Green Oscar¡± Finals were announced, and Chinese cities and projects won 3 Gold Awards, 3 Silvers and 3 Bronzes

In the evening of 31st October 2011, after five days of fierce competition, the 15th LivCom Award, organized by UNEP and IFPRA, finally ushered in the most exciting final moments; the awards banquet was held at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul, Korea, and winners were announced to the world by websites of UNEP and IFPRA.

Large number of guests attended the awards banquet

Speech by Songpa Mayor Ms. Park Choon Hee

Speech by Mr. Alan Smith

  This year's final brought more than 30 countries and regions, 70 cities and nearly 80 projects into the awards, which is the biggest and most competitive one ever in LivCom's 15 years history. The refined awards judging criteria made this year the most difficult one in the history, however, under such an unprecedented fierce competition among the participating cities and projects, China still won 3 Gold Awards, 3 Silver and 3 Bronze that attracted the world's attentions.

  In this year's global finals, China selected a strong delegation, including 3 cities of Nanjing city of Jiangsu province, Nansha District of Guangzhou city and Xinqiao Town of Jiangyin city and 6 projects including Hainan Clearwater Bay, Nanjing Huijie New Town, Nansha Wetlands. In the city section, Chinese cities live up to expectations, by virtue of beautiful urban environment and excellent on-site presentations that won the awards: Nanjing City won the Gold Award in category E (large city) for China, which not only rank number one with gold, but also is the first gold award winning city in category E since 2009, at the same time, with its excellent heritage management practices, profound historical and cultural sedimentation, Nanjing also won the only individual gold award in "arts, culture and heritage"; Nansha District competed in category D which is the most competitive category in the LivCom Awards this year, faced with 14 cities from Italy, Korea, Australia, Turkey and other countries and regions, Nansha District went all the way through to the finals by virtue of outstanding overall performance and won the Gold Award; Xinqiao Town is the first small Chinese town entered into the finals in category A. During the submission period with competitions from famous town in the U.S. and Europe Xinqiao Town successfully progressed into the finals, and during the finals, facing 17 cities in category B, Xinqiao Town won an extremely valuable Silver Award for China. Xinqiao Town competed across 2 categories during the preliminary round and finals, competed with more than 20 cities across the world, but it still won this precious Award. It is reported that Xinqiao Town also won the "Special Citation for Enhancement of the Landscape" because of its high grade in the field.

Nanjing won the first place in category E, and the only Gold Award in the category

Nanjing won the Individual Gold Award of "Arts, culture and heritage"

Nansha District of Guangzhou won Gold Award

Xinqiao Town won Silver Award in category B and the "Special Citation for Enhancement of the Landscape"

Nansha Wetlands won Silver Award

Agile•Hainan Clearwater Bay

Secretary-General Mr. Li Xiang met with Mr. Young Woo Park- UNEP Regional Director and Representative for Asia and Pacific Region

In finals of the project section, the competitions were also fierce. Nansha Wetlands and Improving the Living Environment in Rural Area project of Guangzhou city both won Silver Award, Huijie New Town of Nanjing city, Hainan Clearwater Bay and Sunshine Ecological Park won Bronze.


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